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April 26, 2006


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George Hunka

Congratulations, my friend! Richly deserved, I'm sure, and I'll be there to see it as soon as I can. And best to Hanna and Daryl and the rest of the cast.


congrats dude!! fo' reeeel. . .


Isaac...what a crashing disappointment.

WAIT! NO! It's marvelous!

Well done!

jennifer thomas

congrats isaac!

Alison Croggon

Isaac, if there wasn't an ocean and a continent in the way. I'd be there with bells on. (Very quiet bells that don't disrupt the performance). It sounds very much my cup of tea. I hope the rest of the season goes like a train!

Lee the sister

mazel tov!
that's so wonderful, isaac!




Congrats Isaac! I'm really gonna try to get down there to see it...


Congrats. Fantastic news! Bravo! Bravi!

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