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July 25, 2006


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Joshua James

Hey Isaac,

Just posted my review. Thanks for including me on this!


Hey, I want to applaud you on organizing this; I think it's a great idea. You NYC theater blogger folk are already in a position to make some good impact. I wish I could see the show!

Aaron Riccio

Yay Pigfarm Day! Oink, oink; my review from way back on 6/20 is still posted over at my site -- you might have to browse the archive for it. But this is the kind of stuff I'd like to see more of: as many opinions as possible, grounded in the same place, so that readers can get an aggregate view rather than a stilted, uptight, singular opinion. You wouldn't trust a horse with blinders to take in everything; why would you ever trust one critic?

(Mr. Marmalade was a well-acted but overextended skit that never went anywhere, much like Mrs. Witherspoon. As for Kotis mimcking McDonaugh -- one only needs to look at the other work Kotis has been doing to know that it's just his particuarly style. I find it a little frightening that a critic like Isherwood isn't aware of his theatrical history, and is only able to pull upon the current crop of productions to find comparisons. I wonder how he would've described "Bug.")


Sorry for missing the "first wave," but my own contribution is now up.


Lots of good reading on this, all around!

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