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August 24, 2006


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Pandas, manatees


i just saw the baby panda at the san diego zoo -- soooooo cute! but i also saw a hippo poop and it was fascinating. i did a science project on manatees complete with a puppet theater piece. i'm a dork. my favorite? turtles, giraffes, koalas. for sheer "holy crap that's amazing" i heart the gecko. they have hairs on their feet that can molecularly combine with the surface they are on allowing them to climb and lie vertically -- argh!! so awesome.


North American Fainting Goats

Ian W. Hill

Thanks to a few recent weeks of Animal Planet while up in Maine, meercats. Unfortunately, we had to return to NYC before seeing the final episode of the great soap opera that is "Meercat Manor." What's going to happen to Tosca the lonely meercat?

I don't know about pygmy hippos specifically, but there was an AP show that featured baby hippos prominently that was full of unbearable cuteness.

Malachy Walsh



For more on Pygmy Hippos, check out this wikipedia entry:


They're half as tall as normal Hippos and weigh 1/10th as much as the smaller members of the Hippos species... CUTE!





Honestly? Chimps. I wish I could say pandas or manatees, but...chimps. I want one.

Joshua James

Dude, sea-turtle, all the way, but not one that's trapped in an aquarium - one following the current across the Pacific - radical, dude, totally radical!

I am also fond of the mongoose.


The Kakapoo. It's an endangered species of parrot featured in Douglas Adam's best work "Last Chance to See." Which means the parrot is likely long gone.

If anyone hasn't read "Last Chance to See" they really ought to. It's amazing.

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