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August 22, 2006


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I'm for Chris Owens. He's the only one of the four candidates who's against the Atlantic Yards project. He supports net neutrality, as well as setting a deadline for bringing troops home from Iraq.

Yassky is a carpetbagger who's trying to buy the election. And also: the seat in question is a voting rights seat which has been held for many years by a black representative, so the fact that he's a white guy moving into the district specifically to compete for the seat doesn't sit well with me.



while i'm certainly sympathetic to your position (and, in fact, am leaning away from Yassky the more I learn about him) I am specifically trying to generate questions that will help people form an opinion of who to vote for.

Any ideas?


OK. Here's some questions:

Do you support or oppose the Ratner Arena?
How would you help create affordable housing for Brooklyn?
Are you for universal health care? If so, what specific steps would you take in this direction as a Congressperson?
If Democrats retake the House, how would you hold the Bush administration accoutable for some of their failures over the last six years? Be specific.
Do you support net neutrality?

Lee, the brother

so, here's an article in the nytimes about one of the candidates.
she evidently didn't graduate from oberlib, which is how i got the article.


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