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August 29, 2006


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"Author" Jonathan Lethem? On the one hand, I see why you'd include that. But on the other hand, it feels a little like writing "Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan." ...And I just realized I have a reading of my own for work that day. Damn damn damn.


good point. i didn't mean to make it so like we're equals (which we aren't) just trying to keep the information brief...


Bill Davis' play? Tell him I said hi!


Congrats on staying so busy! Keep us updated on how all this goes. I'll see you soon.

Joshua James

This is completely random, but I was the house-manager during the very first workshop production of AVOW, directed by Michael Parva, and starring a friend of mine, Mitchell Riggs.

Bill would hang out in the lobby and chat with me during the show, he's a funny guy. He's got some interesting ideas, one being that actors should never cry onstage, something like that.

Another one being that a guy can be gay and catholic and there is no conflict of interest, regardless of what the Pope says, something like that. Wait, that's what the play is about. Oops.

John Branch

Can you provide location details for the Starbucks Salon event? The web page that you linked doesn't say, unless I'm really stupid and missed it (which is always possible).

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