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September 22, 2006


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Michael Gordon and Richard Foreman's show at REDCAT - What to Wear? Seeing it tonight!

REDCAT has a couple of other cool things too...Polish puppet theater by Wroclawski Teatr Lalek called The Last Escape. The pictures look great.

And they've got a NYC group called The Builders Association coming there too...anyone here have anything to say about them?

And UCLA Live has some interesting stuff as usual, including the Gate Theater Dublin's Waiting For Godot, and another Irish troupe doing some Beckett pieces, Mabou Mines' Dollhouse, something by Heather Woodbury, Suzhou Kun Opera Theater's Peony Pavillion (in three parts!) and a Canadian group called STO Union. I'm still on the fence about a few of these because those tickets add up, but it all looks good.

All the stuff that Michael Richie's bringing to CTG from NYC that I wanted to see there: In The Continuum (at the Kirk Douglas), Doubt with Ms. Jones, V. Woolf with Ms. Turner, even Light in the Piazza (at the Ahmanson). Plus, Richie and co. are premiering new Lisa Loomer and David Henry Hwang plays at the Taper.

A company I like called Circle X is doing Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice. I'll see that.

Iphigenia...a Rave Fable, by Caridad Svich at Son of Semele Ensemble. Cool company.

And then there's all the Suzan-Lori Parks action, with the 365 plays/days thing. I have no idea how that's going to work, but should be interesting. And Boston Court in Pasadena is doing her America Play.

Lots to see!

Tom Loughlin

Hi Isaac,

Happy New Year!

I put out my Buffalo fall preview list today over at Poor Player. I also read a lot of the other Fall Season previews you linked to in this post, and regretted having to read that some people will not be able to see what they want due to high ticket prices. So, since you're the initiator of this event, I though I would let you know that I am setting aside a $200 "blogger subsidy fund" to pay for half the price of a ticket for one show that any fellow blogger may want to see but can't afford. For me, it's a good investment in the continued development and success of independent theatre. All they need do is email me and I'll make arrangements for payment. I figured some people will read about it quicker on your blog than they will on mine. Regards, twl.

Jonathan Spector

I guess I may as well toss in three Bay Area Shows I'm looking forward to -

Love is a Dream House in Lorin, at the Shotgun Players.
This is a massive Cornerstone-Style piece written by Marcus Gardely. It's got a cast of around 30, half of whom are non-actor locals from the Lorin District.

Passing Strange at Berkeley Rep.
I'm not exactly sure what this show is, some kind of suped up cabaret lounge act theater extravaganza. When I heard Tony Taccone describe it, it sounded super-cool, but I'm not doing it justice.

Waiting For Godot. The same production the New Yorkers mentioned is coming here. When I was studying in Dublin many years back I took a class on Beckett in Performance. The day we discussed Godot, Barry McGovern (who plays DiDi in this production) came to work with us. He's a really phenomenal person. I can't wait.

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