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September 21, 2006


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Yeah, I'm very into different methods of discovery and getting into the world of the play. My question is, are these objects, pieces of music, etc. that you're exposing them too generated by you and George, with the actors experiencing that vision, or are the actors also bringing in such things to share based on their perspectives on the world at this point too? I'm not saying there's a right or wrong, just a wondering craft question.


Actually, it's mainly the actors bringing in things for us. George and I have brought a few inspiration object (namely, art books) for them to look through, but I haven't directed them as to which images to check out, I've said, "what of this speaks to you? why?". As for music, I'm bring in some (as I've said before, I think musically) but the bulk of this is to get the actors talking and thinking about where they're coming from.


Cool. I love that approach. I think it's the best way for the actors to enter into a character, by bringing themselves to it first through a mutually creative process like that. And generally, the whole group benefits from the perspective and the world comes from that, as a level on top of yet also through the text.

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