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October 30, 2006


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Well said.


Now that's a letter Mr. Butler!!


Here here! You totally expose the hypocrisy in the decision, and also spotlight their foolishness in not realizing this conflict in the first place. On other words...why assign Kendt in the first place? Clearly, the Times theatre section is aware that both Hunka and Kendt are employees, no? Can we assume they know whom they employ?

Unless--no, it couldn't be--could they be possibly acknowledging that these men are "colleagues" in the blogosphere? And that bloggers can be, egads, critics???


This is a really well-researched and thought-out letter. Nicely done.

I do have one question though, which I ask from the point of view of a colleague and a strong supporter of yours and George's. Since you're going public with this, I think you should explain to readers how In Public was able to get a Times reviewer in the first place for a show that only ran for two weeks.

The usual policy (not that they do a great job of articulating any policies) is that a show must run for four weeks - time for them to turn a review around with enough time left in the run for it to be valuable to their readers. In my observation, there have been exceptions to this (it's probably more a rule of thumb than a policy), but they tend to involve shows that are deemed especially newsworthy for some reason.

I support everything you say in the letter. And I do wish that the Times *would* send reviewers to short-run shows - and maybe run them in online only in a blog format. But, with things the way they are, please let us know how In Public was so lucky as to get a Times reviewer to attend at all, even under confusing circumstances.


Very well said !
I do hope you hear back from them.


Very well said !
I do hope you hear back from them.


I'm glad you did this. And quite eloquently.

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