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October 11, 2006


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Malachy Walsh

Art is not a gift from the artist to the world.

It's something someone makes by applying imagination and skill to experience and thought. It may end up being an object or, more ephemerally, "an experience". It is original in the sense that no-one else could've made it because no two people have the same imagination, skills, thought and experiences - no matter how similar. (Not even twins.)

An artist may say that "an experience" is actually what the art's about. So an artist has the right to say, hey, don't screw around with the mechanisms I deem essential to the creation of that experience.

Thankfully, not all artists think this way.

But I think it's totally within any artist's right say, "I made this thing this way. If you're going to sell tickets to something with my name on it, then you gotta use the instructions I gave you, the way I intended them when I wrote them down."


Well articulated Isaac. And I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. Theatre, as a living breathing thing will not only change with social context and time, but also simply with the personnel bringing it to life. I wonder how many great, copnceptualized versions of Endgame and Godot we are missing? Chuck Mee is simply wonderful, and I love his take. As if theatre is this thing you riop and tear to shreads and then put back together, reconfigured and personalized.

Joshua James

I agree with Malachy,

We need copyright not only to protect our work for our sakes, but for the work's sake and for our audience's sake. Otherwise you get what's happening to Harry Potter via fanfic, where some anonymous author turns the characters and stories someone else created (JK, in Harry's case) into gay literary kiddie porn.

The reason that action is against the law is because of copyright. It still happens anonymously, but imagine if there were no copyright law. We need it to preserve the integrity of our craft and process and trust with the audience.

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