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November 15, 2006


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Jason Grote

Great review. The Murakami comparison is epsecially apt. And I didn't wanna say it but I agree about Ms. P.


Great comment. I wish I'd gone to see this for the Blogger night -- I just managed to see it on Friday and I'll post something about it later today, perhaps (just in time for the closing). Anyway, I didn't have a problem with Ms. P, but I love your comparison to Murakami -- I was looking for a way to place the show. You see, I enjoyed it without really understanding it, and then wound up feeling a little cheated at the end. The performances were great, captivating even, and the made-up language, though often played too much for laughs, worked for me. And that's good ol' Haruki: a deft fabulist who manages to write empty, shallow characters and make something marvelouslly entertaining about them, even when the jokes go horribly, horribly awry.

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