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January 01, 2007


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Re: #3. If anyone is curious, look back to New York Times 7/12/92.

Moxie the Maven

I cry at musicals, too! Ever since I was in my early teens, I always start crying somewhere in the opening number. Ragtime in particular - something about the sweep of the score, and the possibility of all that's to come, and the grandness of the whole thing. I cry for the tradition that's being passed along every night, with every opening number, and the audience member who might be seeing their first broadway show, and for how inspiring it was to me when I was little, and how magical it is that it's still so exciting to me. Thanks for sharing - I thought I was the only one.


The opening of The Lion King. The beauty of those damn puppets. In spite of the music.


You don't like _Taxi Driver?_ Wow. I really dig it on a personal level.

As for the first part of #2, this may be similar as to why _Popeye_ is (to date) the only Robert Altman movie I've ever seen.

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