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March 27, 2007


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I'm not entirely convinced that the four who heard "All along the Watchtower" are really cylons. It seems more likely that they are somehow in tune with frequencies of Earth, not that they are receiving secret cylon transmissions. I think (maybe) that they just jumped to the conclusion that they were cylons because they felt... different. Also, from a storytelling point of view, having the four of them be cylons feels a little lame; it's not the huge moment that you (well, I) want it to be. It turns out that the people they've been hinting are cylons... are cylons. Ho-hum. If, on the other hand, the whole thing is a big red herring that simultaneously sets up and throws us off the scent of next season's earth-centric story line, then that's just cool.

And I don't know what the deal with Starbuck is.

PS--I think your standards for quality of writing on what is basicly a space-opera genre show might be a bit high.


Huh. I really didn't feel it was a failure on that scale. Not by a long shot. It was odd, and the third season was not as well put together as the others, but the possiblities they've opened up by making big narrative choices are, I feel, what makes this show worth watching consistently.

I actually liked Lee's speech because of its content... essentially using the plot of the show we're watching to justify excusing the show's bad guy. The fact that Apollo says "I wanted to leave you all behind" makes the choices from the very first episodes pay off in a satisfying way.

So... while it wasn't perfect (I thought the Cylon reveal was too easy, and that Starbuck should have died in like Episode 4 if they wanted her return to feel that big) it was still far better television that, let's say, 90% of what's out there.


i think part of the problem is that i don't watch a lot of other television. Don't get me wrong, I love the big narrative gestures. I just think this season-- as opposed to Season Two, which other than three standalone terrible episodes is consistently great television--said Big Narrative Gestures have been semi-incompetently executed. It's like they don't really know how to make a forty-five minute long television show, whereas I thought they kind of had it figured out by the end of Season Two.

And the part where they recite lyrics from All Along The Watchtower is embarassing. I'm all for narrative risk-taking, but that was ridiculous.

Again, Apollo's speech-- good speech, good points he makes. But within the framework of a trial it just felt silly. The defense lawyer takes the stand to testify! Ooo!



Well... because of my Freeman Doctrine of Faith in all Things... my guess is that All Along the Watchtower is actually intended to say "These people are connected to US." As in... that song is a part of our culture, so the fact that they're hearing it connects the show to actual Earth in a real way. Or something.


You said what needed to be said. I wouldn't have minded the telescoped trail action, the lack of the prosecution using the evidence she had (Baltar admitting he signed the death warrants, being recognized by Caprica Six, upon the New Caprica invasion...), the lack of closing arguments, the non-use of the Final Five in the sequence we expect, the shared dream -- but I minded the song, because these writers ain't Dennis Potter, and they don't know how to make cheap music potent... especially for a time and place supposedly as far removed from Earth as we are from the galaxy's edge.

The more they quote Savio and Dylan, the less opportunity they have to make something truly alien -- the last of humanity, and the machine race that wants to kill them by being their victims completely, down to giving birth. There is something fundamentally sick, and wonderful, about this, and of the Final Four they revealed -- but I think they just won't do it justice, and get attracted by the shiny new thing they thought up in the writers' room.

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