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March 28, 2007


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Before getting to the update part, I was going to suggest something similar, and I think it's a more interesting question, anyway - it's about what kind of art you want to create and put into the world, what kinds of processes you want to create for your collaborators, not how many Tonys you want on the shelf by the time you're fifty. (Answer: 2.) But maybe I just go that way because if I were awarding these grants, the people who answer it that way would be the people who'd get the money.

Okay, that's oversimplifying. But I'd hope that even for the folks who have specific career goals about how they're going to galvanize Shakespeare or champion new plays, it's coming from a place of artistic inspiration. Your artistic inspiration just comes from a different angle.

Not that the person at the foundation didn't clarify this. Just echoing, for some reason. Sounds like a nice foundation.

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