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April 05, 2007


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Argh. I tried to write Culturebot a letter, but the email address doesn't work. Anyone know how to contact them, or even leave a comment? The "kegger" was *not* a blogger event. It was an under-30 event, and as far as I know, I was the only blogger there. With a ticket I *paid* for. And we do not praise shows because we get free tickets. We write about them. That article just really pisses me off. It's all sorts of misguided and wrong.

Carolyn's letter, which I got via Edge's email list, is an earnest, sincere statement that's very much in line with Edge's relationship with its base. And everything Dressel says about Playwrights' relationship with bloggers, or what that relationship means, is completely off.


Anyone who writes a theater review with such nasty aggressiveness and then uses the phrase "miasma of portentousness" in the same review should not be tolerated.


I agree that Isherwood's review of the play was unnecessarily harsh, but the Isherwood criticism on-line has been so universal and dominant in the past couple of months that it's not surprising to see someone to come to, well not his defense so much as agree that he is capable of some good points, occasionally.

It's certainly clear that Isherwood seems to imagine Williamsburg as some sort of personal hell.

I wonder if he ever imagines the Adam-Rapp-playwriting-robot fighting with Elizabeth Meriwether on a dare.


Why don't you see the production before you bash the people who dare to have opinions about it? Seems pretty short-sighted to me.


god, I can only WISH somebody would offer me free beer for my opinions. Sadly, that's never happened. I appreciate culturbot's sense of investigative journalism, but they've gotten the facts completely wrong here, and are grossly misleading their readers.

I loved the freaking show. And I paid as much for my ticket as Charles Isherwood did.


Look, I didn't see the show, I wasn't at the debated party/kegger/Watergate and I won't dare to comment on that. Nevertheless, I want to point out that I think part of what Mike was getting at (and in the interest of full disclosure, yes, I do also write for culturebot) is the question of WHY Cantor would ever send such a letter? Why would you want to draw attention to a review - isn't it counter intuitive to say to people "My play got this really bad review - please come see it." Now I realize that Cantor was trying to refute the review with praise for her show in this letter, but the question still plagues me - why draw attention to it? Why not just write a letter high-lighting positive reviews and your own earnest praise? Even if she wanted to minimize the Times' powers as "sole arbiter of taste," giving them this much attention doesn't seem, to me at least, to be the right way of doing it.


Risa - Carolyn's letter is in spirit with this very open, up-front, intimate relationship that Edge cultivates with their base. Letters like this have gone out for previous productions. It's Carolyn's way of leveraging the personal connection that a lot of Edge's patrons feel with her and the whole team. She's directly telling them how she feels about the play, why she's proud of it, why she wants them to see it, rather than hoping ads and e-blasts will do the trick.

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