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May 05, 2007


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Nice post, Rob... If I may add to it, you left out a major role that women get cast in: the misogynist stereotype of the ballbusting she-beast. Clinton has been cast in this role already, and in that light, Donatella Versace's comments might be more complicated...

Rob Grace

Good point about the ballbusting she-beast role, though I disagree that the Versace comments become more complicated in light of the archetype. I'm reminded of what Reagan's press secretary said to a reporter during the 1980 campaign: "We'd rather have you say he's too ignorant than too old." Similarly, the Clinton camp must create a candidate that appears to be too strong rather than too weak - hence the myth of the inevitable candidate, seeminly initiated by Clinton's team as a method of fundraising and coopted by her opponents to paint her every shortcoming as fatal.


ah. great point.

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