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June 18, 2007


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Hey Isaac - I'm curious about Anne Bogart's influence (as a writer). Do you mean her writing has influenced you as a director, or that she has influenced you as a writer? And do you mean that her stage work has not influenced you? I'm not trying to pick apart your answer, I'm just a big Anne Bogart fan.


Hey Slay,

Good question. I meant that, having not seen an enormous amount of Bogart's work, I can't claim her *DIRECTING* as a major influence upon me as a director. Her *WRITING* on the other hand, has been quite influential on me as a director (And thus as a blogger, I'd guess, I've been tagged by the meme twice, so I'm going to do another one on blogging).

I haven't read her latest book yet, but I am looking forward to it.

I will say as a postscript that I think we could hold a blogospheric (nay, perhaps nation-wide?) debate on the merits of the Viewpoints (particularly when used by people other than SITI company members) and I'd find myself making points both pro and con.


I did a posting on a few of my thoughts on (non-siti) viewpoints last month.


I love A Director Prepares, and am also looking forward to the new one.


Her new book is amazing. I reviewed it on Theatreforte, you can find it in the archives if you want.

I'm up for the debate. I've actually considered trying to create some kind of message board or group blog or something for Viewpoints practitioners. I worry, though, about perpetuating any incorrect stereotypes or enabling people who shouldn't work with them to do so. Then again, I'm not sure anyone should be so protective.

There was a ViewPoints conference in 2000 or so, but I've never seen any official documentation. I wasn't there.

But hey, let the conversation begin. Who wants to start?

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