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June 17, 2007


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Kerry Reid

Yeah, looking at this clip, I can see why Peter Birkenhead would think that theater people are all stuffy and elitist and have no sense of humor about themselves.

C'mon. When was the last time Nicole Kidman let a puppet sniff her ass on the red carpet? (Insert Cruise joke of your choice here.)

Aaron Riccio

The TONY producers could actually learn a lot from Triumph. Not necessarily his jokes, but his format: putting clips of musicals and dramas up on YouTube, and then sending them out on those mailing lists, or with discount offers, or simply attaching them to websites for ticket offers and information . . . why do producers of Broadway shows simply pray to get nominated so that they can reach out to a measly 6.1 million people? Get the videos out, get the audience interested, *THEN* start worrying about how to spice up your award show -- once you have people outside the community watching it. What are the legal issues there? What do the unions have a problem with there, that they don't with the TONY clips?

Kerry Reid

I wish all awards shows could learn from Triumph. I thought Chris Rock and Jon Stewart were awesome Oscars hosts, but they weren't properly reverential to the Great Hollywood Artistes, so they didn't get asked back. (Hell, I thought Letterman did a good job, for that matter!) If you want to have a nice ass-kissy mutual admiration society awards show, fine. Go rent a hall and do that. But if you put it on the airwaves and expect people to watch it -- make with the funny!

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