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September 20, 2007


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Zack Calhoon

I know. I just read it this year, and it felt like Cheney was passing out chapters of the book to different departments of the White House in the wake of 9/11.


In one of my plays, one of the characters talks about reading 1984 at 13 or something.

I read that book way to early and it pretty much messed me up for life. I don't know if it made me happier, more aware, incredibly paranoid, or just unsure if 2+2 didn't equal 5.


But... "Do it to Julia" has become a running gag with me, here and there.

Joshua James

I'm surprised you've just now read it, have you read ANIMAL FARM? That's also pretty damn close to the bone (ALL ANIMALS ARE CREATED EQUAL followed by SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS)

Have you read Stephen King's (as Richard Bachman's) original novella RUNNING MAN . . . it's completely and utterly different from the film (and I mean, seriously, except for the title, they're nothing alike) and really, really scary, how close we are to that.

Pick it up, it's a good read . . .


Pretty much.

Lee, the Brother

oh, thank god, i thought i was the only one in the world who hadn't read it yet.
(it's been hovering in the middle of my pile for most of the year.)


The Ministry of Peace waging war and the way words were taken out of language in order to prevent people from developing complex thoughts or thinking really stayed with me after reading 1984.

And this administration always reminds me of those two elements of the story.

J Brown

In regards to 1984 and/or other dystopian fiction, this post is the first instance of some form of the phrase "...cautionary tale, not an instruction manual...." that I have found on the internet. I will continue to search, but so far I have found no version of this phrase or concept prior with a vintage prior 09/20/2007. If anyone (including the author of the original post) is aware of any earlier instances, please respond here.


pretty sure I came up with it, J Brown, but I'm not sure.

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