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September 05, 2007


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I'm sorry no one answered this one, Isaac! I don't know anything about the human genome, I'm afraid. Let me suggest a rephrasing for tomorrow:

Does the human genome, in conjunction with the average New Yorker's hatred of the South and developed in collaboration with a dramaturg, have the responsibility of staying for the entire performance of "My Name Is Rachel Corrie," or is it morally compelled to spill its genetic fluids on Mike Daisey's notes?



I love you. Marry me.

callie kimball


Yes it is a good thing and yes we should be worried about genetic determinism. We've already seen destructive applications of scientific knowledge, but I don't think we should stop delving. As much as we support scientific discovery, we should support ethical explorations of the applications of these discoveries. I don't think the question can be "should we," but "what will we do when we discover how much further we can manipulate genetic material."

We're humans--it's in our nature to "murder to dissect."


Hopefully what we'll do is better design humans (and I'm not talking about choosing eye color, or hair color, or IQ, or whatever...)so that we can continue to grow and adapt better to our environment and maybe one day produce our own food through photosynthesis (or something) so that the time we now waste on eating and sleeping can be spent doing awesome things like...

reading blogs and exploring the universe.

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