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September 19, 2007


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David Moore

Tag acknowledged, and accepted.

Thanks, Isaac. It'll be good to focus on the good things, for once, instead of the endless "How can I make this better?" thinking that pervades my daily life.


Szymkowicz tried to tag me with this shit too... man, I can't do it. I feel like too much of a jerk. Not to say that others should. Could I answer here in the comments, real quick, like a coward?

1. I manage to keep pretty quiet during rehearsals.
2. I synthesize feedback well.
3. I have less trouble re-writing than some.
4. I can cross genres without snapping my own neck.
5. I laugh at my own jokes a lot. Maybe that's not a strength.

Prince Gomolvilas

For the love of Christ, I got tagged with the same meme twice! Christ! Christ! Christ! (I guess I have to do it then.)

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