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November 21, 2007


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Ian Crawford

I had a similar response when I read this article, thanks for writing this, it kept me from running over to 9th ave with my pitchfork and torch…though maybe I still should- care to join me?

Shawn C. Harris

If it makes you feel better, I think starting something like a web mag for OOB theater artists and productions would be really cool. Although I live in Virginia for now, I'm going to move to NYC early in 2008. Quite frankly, I have no interest in viewing or creating Broadway theater. I'm also not that enthusiastic about creating a non-profit theater company. I simply want to put my stories on stage and to see other unique stories. I'm hoping there are others like me who are looking for something similar to help guide them in the right direction. For now, you sort of have to dig for it. Not that I don't like digging, but what happens when all you want to do is see a show and meet some people you might want to work with?

If this can turn into something more than a pipe dream or fantasy, please contact me.

Jason Grote

I have to admit that I kind of like Armond White. Though, as I've said in our email discussion (and will soon say on the blog), my problem with the NYT is not their aggression so much as their aggressive mediocrity.


yup. that one should be a sacking offense. any decent, knowledgeable critic would have written an article saying - no broadway shows? take the opportunity to try this experimental work instead. isherwood is truly hopeless.

Leonard Jacobs

Thought you'd enjoy reading this post. Gobble gobble.

Leonard Jacobs

Thought you'd enjoy reading this post:


Gobble gobble.

Prince Gomolvilas



Isherwood's been there, done that attitude towards Off Broadway is repulsive. Everyone knows that anything good on Broadway was usually better in its Off Broadway venue, musical or otherwise. I agree, this has been a great Off Broadway season - with tons of new voices hitting the Off Broadway mainstays (Atlantic, Playwrights). I just love that he can't walk one block past Peter & Jerry, (which in my opinion, is kind of 'eh' until Dallas Roberts takes the stage). It's sad that the NYT seems to not only to miss, but to dismiss the extraordinary richness of Off Broadway in the last few years. I think it is so exciting that there is good theater in queens (the chocolate factory) and Brooklyn, (where most artists now live and work anyway). Just more evidence that the NYT is way out of touch.


Jeez, this fuck even gets the "watch FNL on NBC.com" part wrong:
"I have about five episodes from the new season on DVR, but they can also be downloaded from the NBC Web site, nbc.com. This alternative also allows you to let one strike benefit another. As you may also have heard, the Writers Guild of America is on strike against television and movie producers. You can show your respect for the work of television writers by catching up on one of the best-written (and acted and directed) shows I’ve ever seen. (Runner-up option: The reliably brilliant “30 Rock.”)"

Even the most conservative WGA scab knows its wrong, wrong, WRONG to tell supporters to watch any episode on the Internet, when the lack of equitably shared profit from the advertising's the MAIN FRIGGING POINT of the strike! Strike bloggen are even telling kidz to go to the bit torrents, before they download or stream from The Man.

I'm thinking he now does this type of cluelessness deliberately, as an act of self-destruction. Wasn't he more clued-in and cooler when he worked on the West Coast, when he could berate slumming showrunner/playwrights on their home turf? He probably has some sort of expensive habit (like a condo loan) he can't escape honorably by resigning, so he knows he whores to the big producers, and broadcasts his shame by alienating the only people who gave a damn about him being a good, focused reviewer? I'm being most charitable, by not falling back on a crack-addiction excuse, because that would imply he has a working relationship with proper endorphic functions.


Charles Isherwood and Caryn James should both leave New York. We all know they hate everything and everyone in the New York theater community. They should move to Scranton and open a diner and stop seeing theater altogether, it's probably bad for their blood pressure. Get out of here!


is there any connection between charles and christopher isherwood?

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