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January 05, 2008


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Lee, the Brother

i agree with your assessment, but with a few added negatives for each:
edwards: a friend pointed this out, and i think i agree with her: it's irresponsible for him to run with his wife about to die. not to her, she's made it clear that this is what she wants, but to the country.
obama: the whole ex-gay preacher thing indicates to me he's more than willing to sell out the agenda of the gay voters to court homophobic african americans. although this hardly makes him unique, since gays are now a more consistent, and much smaller, voting block than african americans.
clinton: after eight years of consolidating executive power (aka, dismantling checks and balances), i don't think that clinton will help dismantle the overstepping of the bush white house. if anything, she'll take these executive powers for granted. and if they exist under two administrations, they'll become the status quo, and it will take a hell of a lot to get us back to a balance of powers in this country.

i agree, i'm glad for this race i live in a state that doesn't count for the nomination process. as one friend says, she refuses to back anyone in the primaries, because she can't get her heart broken twice.

the happiest thing for me about iowa was seeing guliani come in ten points behind thomson, who has all but pulled out of the race. in his face!

Joshua James

I posted my own take here - http://writerjoshuajames.com/dailydojo/?p=580

But I definitely agree with what you say about race - it's an emotional issue for me, and it will be for others, and I think it does matter, in the end.

Kerry Reid

I've been thinking about this race partly in terms of who has, in the past, shown the greatest commitment to community service at the expense of personal gain, and on that scale, Obama wins hands down. I'm not sure that people fully understand what a golden opportunity he had, as the first African American to head Harvard Law Review, to write his own ticket. Quite literally, he could have gone to any law firm anywhere in the country and made a huge mountain of cash. But he didn't. He chose to pursue civil rights law and to teach Constitutional law (a president who has READ the Constitution!) And he wasn't a rich man at the time. Not by a long shot.

I'm not saying Clinton and Edwards aren't committed to the progressive ideals they espouse. But when I look at who has most consistently walked the walk in their chosen work, long before they could have known it would pay huge political dividends, then Obama comes out on top. For now, that trumps my legitimate concerns over details in some of his policy proposals. And his track record of working for significant reforms in Illinois across the aisle, such his passing, against the odds, a bill requiring all suspect interrogations to be videotaped, suggests that he can actually get some things passed, rather than just champion ideals at the expense of measurable results.

And I have to say, it really isn't a small thing to have a candidate who actually gets people EXCITED, esp. younger voters and those who have felt disenchanted with the system. It's not enough any more to run a "hold your nose and vote" candidate, at least not for me. I don't think Obama is flawless at all -- I am troubled by the anti-gay preacher, by some of the votes he's skipped out on (Kyl-Lieberman, especially). But if the measure of the man is in his past non-politico work, he comes up pretty high in my estimation.


Wait, Isaac, why are you sure you'll have no voice in the nominating process? It's certainly possible things could be wrapped up by Super-Duper Tuesday, but it's also possible things won't be, in which case New York will be hugely important.


really, dan? you think clinton's "home state" has the slightest chance of going for anyone else?


"Slightest" chance? Sure. Though I wrote the first comment assuming Obama was on his way to winning New Hampshire, in which case I thought New York was possibly within his reach. Now, I would say chances are not much more than slightest.

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