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February 08, 2008


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Scott Walters

Woot!!! Thanks, Isaac!


An interesting article but even accepting the lamentable state of theatre in Seattle and the horror show that is the corporatization of regional theatres throughout the country, as various Fortune 500 companies attempt to buff their image by 'supporting the arts.' Conflating these odious vampires of theatre with the death of theater is just incorrect. As I stated before, people have been declaring theater dead for countless decades and you like they are just flat wrong. could things be better? HELL YES! But I will tell you that there is theater, damn good theater, being done throughout this land. And there will continue to be terrific theater done in Maine, California and all the land in between and what we actors, designers, playwrights and technicians, oh yes and directors too; what we have to do is encourage, support and give praise to everyone who participates in this most ephemeral of art forms.

For examples: see what Dara Weinberg did with the Indy Convergence. What Kim Weild did with The Good Woman of Setztuan @ UH in Houston. What my own Theatre of NOTE is doing with Stadium Devildare The Battle for G*dzilla X and Eye Mouth Grafitti Bodyshop.

These are just a few of hundreds of extraordinary theater professionals, some local, some out of NYC ~gasp~ and they aren't being slammed together nor are they out of touch with local issues.

That is all

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