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February 26, 2008


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Have you read Don't Think of an Elephant? I'm in the middle of it now, and Lakoff makes some really strong points about how we *don't* always act out of self interest. He's talking about voting (working class voters voting for Bush even though his tax plan hurts them, because they identify with him and/or his [stated/represented] values), but it's got wider applications. (Awesome book, btw.)

(Gah, are html links not allowed? http://tinyurl.com/34foru.)

Scott Walters

This is a side issue, but I was truly struck by the critical reaction to "Year of Magical Thinking." It seemed to me like a play that suffered from the Broadway venue and audience, and it made me think of a more community-based approach. Imagine how powerful the play would be if it were given to a support group for people who had lost loved ones. Suddenly, the context is different, and I suspect there are no sleepers anywhere to be found. We like to think about theatre as being aimed at a "general" audience, but there are some plays that would benefit from a more hand-selected group.


Specalized audiences always find their plays (think of that boring AA play which sold out every night via the reach of the AA community).

I think for those audience members who are not coming out of topical fascination, people like good stories, to feel deeply, and experience profound experiences.

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