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March 03, 2008


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Don Hall

Isaac -

Thanks for the shout out.

On the level of Scott's DIY concepts - that is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to the Charter become - not a business structure or organization but a "recipe book" of things we would like to see changed in the current business paradigm and simple practices to enact on an individual company basis.

I figure to actuate real change, it can't be one or the other. Fight the system from within by lobbying for legislative change and fight it from without by adopting simple but meaningful philosophical differences over time.

Paradigm shift is a difficult and often unseen act, especially when going against the grain of (at least) 45 years of NFP spin and the gradual shift to the bloated prostitution that is big commercial theater.

John Clancy

Excellent plan, Don. I'm going to steal the motherfucker wholesale and make it work here in Rat City.

Now go see my play.

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