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April 27, 2008


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Well put.


A "meh" on your meh!



what about this season do you care about? do you think they're spending enough time on that stuff in relation to the other stuff they are spending time on?


I dunno. If you look at it developing like "The Wire" (and ignore the first season), then the second season is all about military power, the third season is about the abuses of war, and the fourth season is about identity -- and through that, religion -- which I find to be pretty damn relevant and daring for TV.


Meh? Huh. Weird. I think it's pretty damn great.


Not meh. Building.

Incorporating new icky information, testing relationships, exploring being stuck.

note that there was only one human/cylon battle so far... and then both sides retreated to their corners and started cutting themselves. They've gone emo, which is right for the existential crisis they're in.


"meh"? Really?

Though I admit to not really caring about the one god/many gods debate, I've found this season to be pretty damned exciting. To chose one specific example: I kind of love how Tori came out of nowhere to become one of the most important characters in the show. It's because her character has almost no back-story that I find her transformation compelling -- there has always been something a little sinister about her lurking in the background, and seeing her now give herself permission to do the things she secretly wants is fascinating. And bitch airlocked Callie! With a smile.

Admittedly, last weeks episode was not as exciting as some, but I just chalked that up to building up to the season's main big conflict.

Of course, I haven't watched THE WIRE. Maybe that ruins all other TV for you after that.


Dude, it was always pretentious. From the miniseries it was asking "Does mankind deserve to survive?" but it sold it. As for the zoom out, if you have the balls to go out there and make the argument that one may make the best of limited opitions, but life still sucks, I will comp you a zoom out. That's plenty relevant to anyone who ever had a long-term relationship, a second-best job, or anything. And of course, it was of one with the tragic view of the show: people break, and sometimes there's nothing really to show for it.

On the relevance and the Cylon front, I think their civil war is keeping both items alive and exciting, especially as the question of what happens when the slaves become masters is a perenniel.

Ultimately, I think we're liking the same things and disliking most of the same things ("Let's make Tori into something else because she had no personality to begin with!") But for some reason the weak links aren't bothering me as much. Maybe it's because BSG, for all its greatness, has never flirted with perfection the way the Wire did. Just in the casting alone, you have a mixture of first raters (Olmos, Sackhoff, Hogan, et al) with the pretty bland folk (you know who you are) with the awful folk (all priests, seers, etc.) and it was just the show. I think that's inured me to its occasional weaknesses. I've been enthralled and rocked by each episode so far. Can't wait for Friday.

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