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April 22, 2008


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Adam I

Wait, I'm a bit confused.... Both of the NEA "theatre program" solutions you proposed are projects that the NEA actually has. Right now, there is the NEA/TCG Playwright-in-Residence program (http://www.tcg.org/grants/trpp/play_index.cfm), which is just being replaced with a new grant for the full production of new plays (http://www.arenastage.org/npdp/). So it seems that the NEA is actually already all over your big idea. Although I agree that there should be more funding for those programs, and I think it is a shame to lose the Playwright-in-Residence program.


well i don't mind getting the playwright in residency program back under a different name, do you?

The difference, Adam (and it may seem small but...) is that the NEA/TCG program gave the money to theaters who then gave the money to playwrights. My idea would give the money (and health insurance!) directly to playwrights the way the NIH will pay salaries to resident research scientists.

Part of the problem is the NEA can no longer give money directly to artists to make art. I'd seek to change that.

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