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April 28, 2008


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This is so disheartening, esp paired with the NYTW layoffs of production staff a few weeks ago.

I also think this is interesting in relation to your post asking if people would give up their salary if it meant that theater would survive. I don't think it can survive if you cut out the technicians, even if they are now freelancing. They still need to support families and want the stability of a "real" job with benefits. Papermill's shop, of course, also provides many small theater companies with props and scenic rentals, and losing that will be a blow to many.

What also makes me nervous about these cuts are that, combined with the overzealousness regarding play "development," I get the impression that theater seems to be headed in a very sterile, intellectual direction. Which I don't like. I want the artists to speak, and I want the artists to be able to experiment and show what they have created, without a play being picked apart by 10 companies before it is seen on stage.

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