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May 23, 2008


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Make a bold statement like that with no explication? What's the fun? Go on! I'm not as bored with Starbuck and as such I liked Faith a whole lot more--loved the humans on the base ship, Anders identity crisis, and Olmos turning a potentially super cheesy moment into a vulnerable and effecting one. Also-Hamlet, wuh?

Speaking of Anders, he is getting more and more interesting--a kind of light side of Tori, not to be racial. While Tori's interest in her Cylon is in an amoral self-actualization, Anders's curiosity about his Cylon nature seems to only heighten his loyalty and even his empathy after rough patch. I'm digging it.

And tonight, instead of more BSG goodness, we have the film "Scorcher." Ah SciFi.

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