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May 31, 2008


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Karl Miller

Interesting. I always thought the Cold War was rooted in ideology, not territorial expansion. The War on Terror is, as far as I know, the only time a nation state has declared war on a psychological condition. The Cold War had ideological coordinates that aligned snugly with domestic politics. Not so with the War on Terror. Now we care about scary feelings above all else -- that's why the war's migrated effortlessly from country to country on Bush's mis-shapen "axis." Pakistan's nuclear status has a huge impact on this, yes. As does Israel's nuclear status, I might add.

I enjoy reading your weekly 2008 posts and I learned a lot about Cyrus the Great here, but these second-hand historical mashups make me cringe. I recently wrote about the hodgepodge of retro filters that have flown around since 9/11 ...


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