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June 27, 2008


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Steve On Broadway (SOB)

I'm with you completely.


It makes me wonder if any black people were behind that position, or if it's a group of "progressive" white people trying to show how "anti-racist" they are.

*rolls eyes*


I don't know if there were any black people on the governing body, but it's less about people showing that they were "anti-racist" than it is about petty bureaucrats doing everything they can to defuse the slightest possibility that they might get an indignant email.

The official reason was that passersby might hear the offending word out of context--it's a rather open arena--and complain.

Apparently, it's not politically expedient to look at those people who would complain and play the world's tiniest violin for them. Which is what I would do. So much for my career in Wilmette politics.

Steve On Broadway (SOB)

Isaac, I think the production's director Ty Perry said it best:

You take that word out of this story and you invalidate my history as an African-American male.... Do I like the word? No. But to pretend nobody said it is wrong. I wouldn't even consider doing that. Context is everything, and it's not gratuitous, it's not for shock value. How can we learn about our present if we don't educate people about what happened in our past?

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