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July 15, 2008


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Dude, slow down! lol. And you thought you were running out of interest in theater issues. You've written so many terrific posts in the past couple-a-weeks that I worry they're going by too fast to generate comment. People should read all these things, and I'm sure they don't have the time that I do. I'm now skipping some posts just to give others a chance (i don't want to get a bad rep' for over commenting).

Each one of these great points could be a post in and of themselves. I just want to second your first one to not make administrators the enemy. Most of them work hard and extra hours for bupkiss. And we need them so thanks for point this out. (Overpaid ADs are fair game.)

Also, some of these items reminded me of a thing that I felt HTFA glossed over, and that's who funds what. As in, local governments will fund capital campaigns for building these institutions physical structures, but they will not fund much art creation. Which makes sense since even if the company goes under, the city will still have a beautiful building and growing tax revenues in the future (minimized risk), but that doesn't make it right. So, for HTFA to imply that the building costs are taking food out of artists mouths is a lil' disengenious. To many funders they are completely different pots of money, and I don't know if that can be changed.

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