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August 15, 2008


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Jon C

Michael Chabon's last paragraph on p. 5 makes me want to cheer:

"Our children need training and encouragement and support—they need rehearsal space and tempera paint
and bass violins, teachers and tap-shoes; they need constant, passionate exposure to the great artistic heritage
of their people, so that even if they don’t grow up to be artists themselves, they will still have been blessed, as
Americans have always been blessed, with the artist’s gift for seeing the possible in the impossible, the fellow
soul on the other side of the fence. Our artists need freedom to pursue the solitary investigations into which
their art inevitably leads them. America needs that untrammeled flow of creativity, of the willingness and
ability to innovate, to skylark, to tinker, to daydream out loud: over the course of two and a half centuries
now, our creative flow has filled the world’s libraries, museums, theaters and recital halls, its academies, movie
houses and marketplaces, with works of genius to break the heart and boggle the mind. And the people of
the world--our world--need an America that remains in full, confident possession of its mighty gift of
imagination, not merely to meet the global demand for our entertainment and art and literature, but so that
they--and we--need never fear the brutality, the arrogance and the inhumanity to which a nation in want of
imagination must, inevitably, descend.

Hell yeah.

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