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October 08, 2008


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Robert Karol

I went to the same school Matt Sax did, so I saw one of the very early versions of Clay. It is a show that tries to portray a lot of different voices and the whole show originates with Matt Sax. It is his blood, sweat and tears and his creation. Casting someone else as "Clay" would have taken a huge element of the show away. It would be like plugging Kristin Chenoweth into "No Child". What's the point?

As part of a larger trend, I think it is fair to point out that LCT's one person rap show has a white actor/writer and a white director. But for this specific show, it's hard to say that there was any other answer on the performer's end at least.


Hey Robert,

I'm not suggesting with this post that someone other than matt sax should play the part he wrote and devised for himself. I'm just recording the breakdown race wise of what I see on NYC's stages and encouraging my readers to do the same.

Robert Karol

I understand that you're doing the list for all the shows you see. I like that you're putting numbers out there. I didn't mean for my tone to come off as defensive.

I just thought that the issue with Clay is an interesting point. Clearly, Matt Sax should play the character(s) he created. OTOH, it would be usefulto think how many one man or one woman shows are by white people and, iftheatres begin programming more and more one person shows, then will that further throw racial/gender equity out of balance?

Ben TS

What I'm going to see later this week:

Blasted at Soho Rep

Written by Sarah Kane -- Female/Identifiably White
Directed by Sarah Benson -- Female/Identifiably White


Marin Ireland -- Female/Identifiably White
Reed Birney -- Male/Identifiably White
Louis Cancelmi -- Male/Identifiably White

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