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October 10, 2008


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How about identifiably racially and/or culturally diverse?

And what about the audience? What was the breakdown?

I've also been looking at ages - what is the age make-up of the cast/crew/audience.


Not that I think there's a better term, but I've always chafed at the phrase "person of color." It connects too strongly to my jr. high and high school years at a *very* diverse school, being white and thus a minority, and every year's Multicultural Day - every ethnic heritage except mine was celebrated. Because basically, if you were white, you had nothing to celebrate. (The one year the dance club did an 'all American' swing dance - a damn good one, at that - they got booed off the stage.)

The of-color/white breakdown feels similar... like I'm being told I *don't* have something - color, culture. I know it's not the same exactly, but it is still breaking it down white/everyone else, when I'd much rather just be another color, albeit a pastier one.

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