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October 28, 2008


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Ben TS

"The rain falls hard on a humdrum town / This town has dragged you down" strum strum strum strum

So, the Smiths.


I'm thinking PJ Harvey, but I can't really put into words why.


It's a Red House Painters song.


"The Shitty Weather Song" by an as yet undiscovered neo-soul band.

BTW, Isaac: I have an online portfolio for my copywriting stuff (see URL).

Travis Bedard

Sigur Ros covered on the banjo?

Aaron Leichter

Folk-era Dylan (S&G lack the week's political vibes).

Or if you want to get work done rather than lay on the couch in a funk, some late '50s Miles Davis Quintet.


It's a Beck song from the Sea Change album


Totally Nick Drake. "Cello Song", I think.

Jennifer Gordon Thomas

Blue. Joni Mitchell.


Simon and Garfunkel all the way.



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