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October 31, 2008


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Glad that you disagree! That's a really badly phrased sentence (on my part): I posted an update to clarify my intent, and to agree/disagree with some of your notes here. I'm for new work too, but at the same time, I've never seen a David Rabe play on Broadway (and I missed New Group's star-studded production of Hurlyburly), don't get much opportunity to see quality Ibsen (with a new translation), and would happily see Bill Irwin in anything. Period. Well, maybe I'll see you at The Flea?


Not to defend stars or the Roundabout, but Nixon does hold the distinguished honor of being the only contemporary actor (as far as I know) to be in 2 broadway shows at the same time (Hurly Burly and a Stoppard), among other stage credits (and who wouldn' love running from stage door to stage door for curtain calls, but then again Hurly was soooo long she probably could have squeezed in another show, too).

And I may be wrong, but didn't Broderick got his start in Simon's B plays? Now, that may have been before your time, but I think it counts at least a lil'.

Scott Walters

I thought Frank Langella was a stage star BEFORE he was a film star. I seem to remember him being nominated for a Tony for "Dracula" when I was in high school (1970s), and didn't he do a lot of work at the Public and Shakespeare in the Park (why am I thinking...Two Gentlemen of Verona...).

Ben TS

Hey, while we're griping about the Roundabout, what the hell is with the increasingly 80s-centric programming? Crimes of the Heart, Marriage of Bette and Boo, Les Liasons Dangereuses, Sunday in the Park with George? Three shows from the past season premiered in New York in 1985. Oh, and the Ritz, which while technically not a show from that decade, was written by one of the 80s' quintessential playwrights.

This season is a little better, I guess (Streamers is the only Reagan-era piece). But this is offset by all the 80s NY Theatre staples that have been cast: Langella, Nixon, Broderick, Nathan Lane, Bill Irwin. Why?


"Streamers" is actually a Ford/Carter-era piece (premiered in '76, I think). Looking forward to seeing it.

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