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October 31, 2008


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Flat out, the only thing that will make me stop going to a theater is if they keep doing bad shows. Manhattan Theater Club is dangerously close to burning me out for at least a year with their current standards and sloppy 30 Under 30 programming. Then again, most of what I see is off-Broadway, so I see plenty of work by various genders, races, &c., and I'm not as much in arms about this as some people are.


Ha, that's right! You do owe me $10! Well maybe I'll make it up in the hits I get from your link. So thank you.

And AMEN on the post, brother. Thanks for bringing our attention to the Bloomberg piece and reminding everyone we were onto it first.


Just want to second the greatness of this post (what, did the election end already and I missed it? lol) And to say that I'm not a fan of Andre's salary, but I do recall that he's wanted something like LCT-3 for a long time. Even back when I interned at PH he talked about the need for a Directors Horizons, and I think that's what he was trying with the Directors Lab, but IATSE wouldn't let performances into the building. It's kinda sad that our country's anchor arts facility has to go to The Duke to mount emerging, smaller-scale work.

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