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November 30, 2008


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Guy Yedwab

As to connection speed: are you sure it's Firefox, and not your connection in general? Have you tried IE, just as a test comparison?

Supposedly, the add-on "Fasterfox" (available through 'add-ons') tweaks Firefox to make it faster.

As to the interface, have you browsed some of the firefox themes? Maybe there's a interface you like better.


Dude, I so love Firefox and have no problem with it. It kicks IE's ass.

Another really solid browser is Opera. You could give that as a shot as an IE alternative.


Try Google's new program Chrome. It's pretty great...has a few problems...but they're solving it.


it's firefox that is doing the sucking. it's glitchy lately, runs slow, can't handle/treat tabs as independent entities, which causes it to crash.

i'd say try google's Chrome, but as a mac user, I haven't been able to try it (chrome is only for pc's right now).


Hey gang,

I actually re-downloaded and re-installed safari (I have a mac) and it is definitely Firefox, not my connection, that is slow. For now I think I'm gonna stick with Safari, the only issue being some pages aren't designed to work on it.

Jason Grote

Firefox went from abruptly sucking (even with add-on, the only reason to use it) to not working at all -- my back button is always grayed out. I'm now using Camino (basically FF designed for Mac) and it's fine. Chrome is a better browser, though I do prefer Mozilla's open-source ideology to anything made by a corporation, even if that corporation is Google. I love Google's products but if you read the Book of Revelations closely they're clearly the antichrist.

Also Chrome only works on Windows.

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