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November 26, 2008


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Paul Rekk

Actually, I am just trying to get more people on our side when I say that.

I know very few people who haven't either changed religions or at least had a moment of questioned faith at some point in their lives. Monotheists, despite what some of us not in the group wish to believe, are not sheep. They are making a decision and it is a decision that they at times, the most extreme cases excepting, question. If they can receive a religious order to support Prop 8 and go through with it, it's their decision and not their church's -- and I don't buy the "But, the damnation!" argument. Blind faith is a rarity these days; people are no longer willing to accept someone pointing at them accusingly unless they've chosen to make themselves complicit with the accusation.

But then again, I'm also of the view that supporting Prop 8 is no more a reason to refuse to work with someone than voting against it is a reason to choose to work with them. There's a bunch of douches and bunch of good people on either side. Yeah, it's a touchy subject, but shaming people into support (and forcing them from their jobs) isn't any more upstanding than what the churches are doing.

Summation: To hell with religion and politics both, I support the separation of church and state because it's a more ideal societal setup for myself.


This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.
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