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January 23, 2009


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He has an MFA. Obviously, he gets produced a lot because of it!

Aaron Leichter

I do think Take Me Out was a great drama, & The Violet Hour was seriously underrated. But generally, I'm lukewarm on him too.

Optimistic Aaron argues that DG's got a strong sense of structure & a good grasp of subtext, making for rich actorly perfs. He's fairly Chekhovian in his dramaturgy -- lots of naturalist theatrics & emotion-based conflicts -- which works well on big stages. His work reads esp. well, which helps w/ in the season selection process.

Cynical Aaron finds him over-safe, traditional, apolitical. Again, season-planning-wise, he's chum for Upper East & West Side subscribers who recognize the milieu & won't find anything outrageous in his plots. (Spoiler: the big twist in American Plan is that the guy is gay - OMG!)

I wonder how he's seen in regional theaters?


I would agree with Candide if he'd gotten his MFA from Brown! He got it from Yale! That does absolutely nothing for your career!


Damn, Freeman, you're right! No one with an MFA from Yale ever gets produced! Ever!


he's better than labute, who gets produced everywhere, for no good reason..


Yeah, but LaBute's got an Master from Kansas! Bastard!


I'm so glad, Isaac, you bring up the Greenberg thing. Someone had to say it!

It wouldn't be so weird if any of the plays were actually, you know, memorable. I guess Take Me Out at least made an impression--though not on me. But it seems he's done 1 or 2 a year for the last decade of totally forgettable work. And yet anything, anything he writes keeps getting produced by EVERYone--not just MTC, his main home, but Public, Lincoln Center, and then by Julia Roberts on B'way.

And why MTC thinks the way to fill their cursed Broadway house is with a little known title of Greenberg's from 1990 with no stars just further begs the frequent question regarding their programming: WTF?

Maybe he's just a really, really nice guy.


While I agree with the Greenberg questions, I was wondering if the 'Meter is logging in the NY1-On Stage reviews? I didn't see any on the site, and certainly, Roma Torre would have taken Becky S. down a grade, but maybe I missed the list of those aggregated.

Personally, I think On Stage is one of the best things going for nyc theater, and I'm surprised at how much I agree with Roma (although I doubt I'd put it as ruthlessly as she). Cote's always great, if a lil' soft on non-Bway work. They really have a great team mix with Karger at point guard and bench players chipping in terrific features. And really, other than the Times, who reaches more non-theater wonks than those ever-repeting reviews?



We only cover print reviews. Luckily, NY1 has (at least occasional) print versions of Roma Torre's reviews. When this happens, we try to include them, although I wouldn't be surprised if we missed a couple.


I just wanted to know if anyone else who saw The American Plan, and reads this blog has read, seen, acted in, directed (so on...) August Strindberg's Creditors?

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