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January 23, 2009


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Care to be more specific regarding your critique of his budget proposals and speeches?

Tom Loughlin


As a resident of upstate New York I would suggest you have it backwards. It is unconscionable that New York City raids the coffers of upstate NY to feed its insatiable habits by refusing to tax its own residents to provide for its needs, while the economies of rural NY and its major cities such as Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany are left to fester, rot and die. -twl


Tom that's absolutely absurd. Wall Street on its own generated a staggering 20% of New York State's tax revenue (http://www.city-journal.org/2008/18_4_new_york_state.html) while we had to sue albany to get NYS public schools funded as well as upstate schools are (a lawsuit whose resolved payout would be delayed under Paterson's proposed new budget).

And to quote this article (http://www.nycfuture.org/content/articles/article_view.cfm?article_id=1039):
"In 2000, the state increased "revenue sharing" aid--the state's basic municipal aid program--to all localities other than New York City by 5 percent, but kept the city's share of this aid program at existing levels. This cost the city $16.5 million a year. And as a result of this and other funding decisions made in recent years, the city now gets 32 percent less municipal aid from Albany than it did 10 years ago. By contrast, over the same period of time, Syracuse has seen its share of state aid increase by 96 percent, Buffalo by 74 percent and Yonkers by 173 percent."


NYC desperately needs things like a commuter tax to make sure that non-NYC residents who use NYC's services pay their fare share, moreover, I mention in the above post that I'd actually like to see wall st. pay *more* in taxes rather than less.

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