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January 13, 2009


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Guy Yedwab

When I need to get things done, I stop reading blogs and typing comments.


No but for real, one of the things I do to get myself running when it comes to writing is find something old of mine that I like, or find where I wrote down an idea that I liked but never followed up on, and just read it. The best way for me to get in "inspiration" mode is for me to think about something (or someone) else that inspired me once, and think about what they inspired me about.

I don't know why that works for me. Maybe it's about getting in that same set of mind, or maybe it's borrowing from former inspiration in a new way.

This, by the way, is also a great way to convince myself to polish old work--just while I'm waiting for new work to come.

But seriously, spending less times on my blog aggregator would help too.

Aaron Leichter

Sketching my week out on Sunday with my fiancee. Just talking about it helps me feel on top of my work. It also provides a sense of accountability. Then, before bed each night, I take a moment to divvy up the next day's tasks.

In fact, I'm studying generally how to work from my lady, who's much better at planning than I am. I just learned about these things called "lists" - they much easier to remember what I need to do!


I have a work dishabit that helps me get shit done, and it's called "deadline." When I know that something needs to be finished (and I mean *NEED*, not just *SHOULD*, as in "I should be on page 140 of Infinite Jest"), for some reason, it just comes much easier, and the distractions just fade away. There's a little bit of experience mixed in with that these days, too: there was a point last year at which I was eight reviews behind schedule on account of procrastination. Not only was that not fair to the artists, but it drove me crazy! So uh, yeah, no habits, just fears.


I'm also a deadline person. So to crank out a new draft or finish a first draft I have deadlines for table reads or competitions that keep me motivated.

I also have to find ways to inhabit the play I'm working on, that is think about it during my free time. Since I work a 9-5 job, like many people, I use my commute.

During the times when I'm first trying to get the project going, and I maybe don't know quite where the play is going just yet, I do a lot of writing exercises with the characters i.e. interviews, monologues.

Oh, and I hold off on reading for pleasure. I find that either I'm in reading mode or writing mode. I can't do both b/c reading takes up time on my commute when I could be writing. So I alternate. I figure reading is like charging my creative batteries. But once I get going on a play, I pass on all novels.

Jason Grote

70s Aerosmith is good! Seriously.

Lindsay Price

The shake up of habit is something that also works for me. I work very well at home in the same spot and the chair. And yet sometimes it's so refreshing to go to a coffee shop, to write in the car, to simply go to another room in the house. It shakes the brain, I suppose.

Deadlines also work for me. I have a writer friend who constantly sets them and then finds everything in her power to abuse them, which I don't get at all. To know there's a date which I'm expected to hand over a project gets that project done.

Further to that, as I get older I find I start projects earlier and earlier so I'm not writing like a fiend the week before that deadline. It's almost civilized...

Jordan Shoe

La meilleure préparation pour demain bon travail est de faire du bon travail aujourd'hui.

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