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February 12, 2009


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Insane drug addict *or* hoax? Why not both!


Is there any video of him actually doing his "hip-hop" act?




totally a hoax. it's gotta be.

Joshua James

Not a great actor, for real? I have to disagree ... I'm not saying he's Meryl Streep (not many are) but he's definitely immensely talented ... let's face it, he's not Judd Nelson, he's not Charlie Sheen ... it's an Oscar nominated actor with many a film (going back to Parenthood) in which not only does he NOT embarrass himself, he's actually really damn good ...

As far as this goes, it could either a hoax or he really could be nuts ... it's been known to happy to even really good actors ... but either way, I don't think characterizing him as a not-so-great actor is fair at all.


He's better in movies than he is on Letterman.

He nearly corpses twice in the first 45 seconds.


It looks like a hoax. But what's the point?

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