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February 03, 2009


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Adam Szymkowicz

Because then the show Weeds would have to end.


Not to sound like a republican, but i don't know if i want the govt in my weed. yes, it's probably best for the country, but i'm sure the price would go up and the quality would go down.

With as bad a week as Obama has had, i'm only more convinced that less government is not such a bad thing. i really can't see where any govt', liberal or conservative, would improve my recreational activities. please tell me how i'm wrong.

Karl Miller

The wonkish answer is that 1930s border-control hysteria used marijuana prohibition to keep the Mexicans out. Most municipal and state-wide leaders found it absurd at the time, but were bullied into accepting it.

The misanthropic answer is that Americans have a hard time accepting altered consciousness unless it's aggressive and obnoxious. Happy, hungry, horny, fucked-up people threaten to chill the mania that makes us so great.

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