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March 25, 2009


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Aaron Leichter

I only know Tarkovsky's "Solaris", but Lem is on my short list of summer reading. But in a similar vein, the DMV often reminds me of Philip K. Dick: Grey, dull people in a dysfunctional, dirty world. And the only thing that new technology adds is new ways for the system to break down.

Prince Gomolvilas


Franz Kafka International Airport Sucks


There's a "secret" DMV in my town in which there is never a line and the people are helpful. Hardly anyone knows about it. There's also a candy machine.

I'm actually not making that up. It's awesome.

Guy Yedwab

Thank you for standing up on behalf of Kafka! I'm doing a show this fall based on the Complete Short Stories of Franz Kafka, precisely for this purpose: to rehabilitate the word "kafkaesque" to mean what it ought to mean.

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