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March 28, 2009


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Leslie Neanham

America is really a more rapacious empire than the Third Reich?

As Connie may read in William Shirer's THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH, Hitler's plans for an occupied England were to ship its entire adult male population, as prisoners, to some vague location "on the continent." Comparable Nazi "relocations" usually found their destinations in chimneys. The US is planning to do that, where?

Jeremy Gerard

I don't need your charity. It was clear Connie was a plant from the fact that a) the moderator called on her by name and, b) the moderator made no attempt to curtail her moronic comments (though she did cut off someone who challenged Connie, after addressing him in the most derisive tone possible). And I have no idea what you mean by "scare quotes." I quoted Connie accurately, and anyone who was present Wednesday evening knows that I hardly distorted the thrust of her comments. They were impossible to further distort.

James Nicola

Just for the record. "Connie" was NOT a "plant."

NYTW had invited several special guests for the evening, but Connie was not amongst them.

We invited our guests to, hopefully, enhance the discussion, NOT to try and push the conversation in any direction.

Jason Grote

Jeremy Gerard: a fine journalist AND a prince of a guy!

Edward Einhorn

I wrote about this evening on my blog...I certainly believe James Nicola when he says "Connie" (was that her name?) was not a plant. But Flanders clear objective was to push people towards a certain point of view (her own) and I think her obvious lack of neutrality, I think, encouraged that sort of paranoia. The people she identified as special guests all came from a very anti-Israeli point of view. I think that there's nothing wrong about hearing from all points of view, but I think when one as an audience member feels the cards are stacked, it works against a free and open discussion. The moderator's job, in my opinion, is to be neutral (or at least convince the audience that he/she is listening to all sides), and if there are special guests, they should come with a balance of opinions.

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