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March 30, 2009


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I guess one question is whether you are going to college for job training or to learn how to think. Is it a vocational program or life enrichment?
I'd like to think that Americans are well-educated because we've learned to think and evaluate, much more than other countries' education systems do. The fact that I've taken a bunch of random humanities courses has really enriched what I bring to a theater project, since it's also expanded my cultural horizons.

As for MFAs... and i haven't read your other post... I think that clearly some people don't need them. I did. And I have no regrets on going to grad school, even though I'll be paying it back for the next 24 years. What i learned there was indispensable. For me it's a very personal decision, and not something that is right for everyone.
I also really resent people who hire based on the pedigree of the MFA degree and not on a person's talents. Though I guess if you want to get ahead quickly, it's reason to get an MFA.


oh, I just realized that your post was about GRADUATE training in the humanities. Hm. A less useful degree, in my opinion, unless you want to teach your subject somewhere. And you could do that in a high school, I suppose. But do not count on getting a university position.

Jason Grote

I think the problem is that all of the teaching positions are being taken up by MFAs. Like me. Maybe the PhDs can all become corporate consultants or something and displace the MBAs, who can go one to write memoirs and genre novels. It reminds me of that Bert and Ernie sketch where he's wearing the fishbowl as a helmet or some such because of a series of chain reactions.

Malachy Walsh

Theatre people are not alone. Or, rather, this is not really a theatre problem, but a problem with the way higher education is paid for in America.

The article at the other end of the link explains it better than I:

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