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March 24, 2009


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I just finished Infinite Jest too. I'm feeling pretty washed ashore and not in a good way.

Scott Walters

I quit my blog all the time. It's good for the soul. That said, I think there IS a lot of anger in this culture, but there is a lot of humor and cuteness too. What we're missing is some anger (or cuteness) that reflects original ideas. Too many derivatives.


Our culture has more than anger--it has impulse. There's something to be said for the rush and perspective of the immediate, but when it comes to judging, say, a television show episode by episode (particularly a new one, like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, or Dollhouse), we don't give ourselves time to appreciate it fully. As a thought experiment (like with Infinite Jest), it's fine, but can you imagine if you were to live blog a REVIEW of a book? You need the beginning, middle, AND end, and is it any wonder that critical discussions are so shallow in America considering how rarely anyone ventures past the beginning?

Sorry -- that was a bit of a ramble. It's not a rest that you need. It's just the security of knowing that you don't NEED to post without being ready to. That you shouldn't feel forced to generate content just to keep building hits. Rest assured, especially now that Google Alerts and Blogrolls and Readers help us out, if you post it, readers will come.

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