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April 20, 2009


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Joshua James

Do you mean "Olson" when you write "London"? Just curious if I missed something ...

Great exchange, though. Mike fisked him pretty ruthlessly and I have to say, the dude deserved it.

Interesting to read the overall thorough distain for artists up front and out loud from an AD on a public forum ... I mean, I've certainly heard / witnessed it before (in my own experiences and from the occasional hysteric blogger) but this from a person of his position, it's sort of eye-opening, ain't it?

Ryan Jennings

Bias...Bigotry...sitting in the back of the bus!!! Are you being hit by fire hoses in Alabama in the '60s or gaining employment acting (or from the words you've chosen, overacting)? Yes actors are underpaid, but lets please be careful with the hyperbole, it is insulting to people who have actually experienced the things you so cavalierly use to represent your situation.

Joshua James

Ryan, who used either "bias" or "bigotry" here on this thread? I read through this thing and miss either word being used ...

Nobody's insulting anyone who's experienced true discrimination here ... add to that, bias is a perfectly acceptable word in this context had it been used by either Isaac or I ... it's not the same word as bigotry ...

I believe I described the man's view of one of distain, which I still think is appropriate ... and while I am not an actor, it does seem like you're slurring actors yourself, suggesting that though they may be underpaid, they should be careful on how loud they complain about it because on the struggles minorities went through in the sixties.

They are not the same, it's a false equivalency on your part, really.

One can complain about bias and have it affect your life in a profound way, even if it has nothing to do with racial / sexual / religious discrimination.

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